16 Aug

UK-NPSC progress updates

Progress towards establishing the centres in Oxford and Dundee is going well. The building work required for the Dundee site is about to begin in earnest with a completion date in late October.  The Oxford equipment is on its return journey across the big pond after successful factory acceptance testing in Boston – installations will start 22nd September!

photo 5-1

The two Dundee systems are being assembled at this very moment at the High Res Bio factory in Woburn,  MA.  I’ll be there to supervise the factory acceptance test over the last week of September.

There is more information about the UK-NPSC, its focus and the equipment that will be used at both sites can be found at the fledgling UK-NPSC website.

You can also follow UK-NPSC on twitter @uknpsc

High Res Biosolutions Inc. the robotics and automation providers for the centre have  also made a press release describing their involvement.