Stem Cell Growth and Differentiation

Stem Cell Growth and Differentiation

Stem cells and their derivatives require careful culturing in order to main their cellular identity – whether that is pluripotency or multipotency. The field is far from standardised and issues such as variability in culture media and additives, freedom to operate, security of supply and cost of goods is still all major hurdles that need to be addressed for even small scale projects but particularly for medium to large scale screening experiments. The problems of cost and supply are particularly acute in cell therapy where the medium and the process has the be cGMP-approved and vast numbers of cells are concerned. We are in the position to advise companies and other groups on this area through extensive experience in adapting off-the-shelf medium and developing bespoke media for screening and cell therapy programmes.

Equally the process of differentiation is often overly complex, poorly defined, highly inefficient and costly. Protocols are robust for only a few cell types out of the several hundred in the human body and even then the process is non-standardised.