High Content Phenotypic Screening

Stem Cell Solutions Ltd’s founder and company director, Dr Paul Andrews has an extensive track record in high resolution quantitative imaging and image analysis as well as in high content phenotypic screening.

Speaking at the Sheffield Stem Cell Phenotyping Symposium

Speaking at 1st Stem Cell Phenotyping Symposium, Sheffield, April 2014











High Content Phenotypic Screening

Paul established the high content screening system in the Drug Discovery Unit (DDU) at the University of Dundee and successfully used this to perform numerous phenotypic image-based  screens using small molecule and growth factor libraries. An example of the work can be found here.


High Content Analysis of hES cells

The initial system used in the DDU was an InCell 1000 (GE Healthcare) integrated with robotic plate handling, and a linked data processing workstation. An InCell 2000 eventually replaced the 1000. A second system was needed for other DDU activities and so after an evaluation of vendor platforms a Perkin Elmer Operetta with Columbus software was brought into play.

Paul has previously advised on HCS platform choice and imaging algorithm implementation and analysis development for the University of Glasgow and also worked closely with Professor Andrew Hopkins of the DDU, Dr. Quentin Bickle, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Accelrys Inc. to help develop a successful platform for screening schistosomes, which resulted in a recent publication.

Paul has also advised in the development of the Open Microscopy Environment – an open source image informatics suite largely developed in Dundee.

The most recent consultancy project has involved extensive technical evaluations of all nearly all HCS vendors and visits to reference sites and centres of excellence in Europe and the US.

Quantitative Imaging 

Paul has used fluorescence and bright field imaging in a range of contexts over many years and also ran a Deltavision Microscope facility for over 2 years. He is expert in deconvolution microscopy in both live and fixed cells and has consulted for Applied Precision Inc. in the development of new Deltavision microscopes, the implementation of FRAP and in the preparation of Application notes. He is trained to the highest level and is a graduate of the Analytical and Quantitative Light Microscope Course at the Marine Biological Laboratories at Woods Hole, USA. Paul performed part of his postdoctoral research in the Laboratory of Professor Jason Swedlow.


Text book Image

Paul’s images have been used in text books, on journal covers, in magazines and newspapers across the globe and have won prizes in international microscopy competitions. Recent examples include the Royal Photographic Society’s International Images of Science Exhibition, and the Nikon Small World Competitions.