Summary of Services

Stem Cell Solutions Ltd. can assist in many aspects of your R&D programme: We give advice to academics entering into screening projects or other collaborations with industry; to start up academic drug discovery units; academics seeking commercialisation advice or advice for industry wanting to enter new areas involving stem cells or phenotypic screening.
  1. Adaptation of basic research into an screening/industrial context
  2. Assay development and associated technologies
  3. Hardware for automated and semi automated research- liquid handling and imaging a speciality
  4. Assess platform technology particularly in high content screening space
  5. Software for  image acquisition and analysis, data analysis and management
  6. Give advice to industry needing to enter stem cells arena.
  7. Use of small molecules to manipulate stem cell fate
  8. Use of small molecules in freedom to operate cases and to lower cost of good.
  9. Advise on cell therapy areas – including  cGMP-compliant growth media and media supplements.
  10. Advise industry on possible academic collaborators
  11. SWOT /GAP analysis and due diligence.
  12. Assistance with funding proposals and manuscripts.
  13. Scoping of technology & assessment/selection prior to tender/purchase
  14. Research project c0ordination and network building
  15. Bridge for academic-industry collaborations and help in expectation management.
  16. Advise on areas relating to impact, the impact agenda, marketing and public engagement.