Case Studies

Examples of work I have been involved in:

Funding Proposals

  1. Core team member that secured £8M award from Scottish Government. Currently further developing additional bids and project managing the creation of the centre.
  2. Worked with the Vice Principal of The University of Dundee to assemble a consortium of stakeholders locally and across the East coast of Scotland and then wrote the application (£1.2m) to secure funding for a Beacon for Public Engagement Award. The application was shortlisted and runner up nationally.
  3. Wrote successful grant application to University of Dundee Innovation Fund for continuation funding for a pilot screen.
  4. Co-wrote successful bid to gain funding for inter-College imaging infrastructure.
  5. Also have reviewed Several large grant applications from a range of funding bodies.

Technology Assessments and Advisory Roles

  1. As part of the current project I have performed extensive scoping and technical assessments of vendors (high content and automation), visited reference sites and other centres of excellence in Europe and USA, contributed to a white paper and outline grant application and provided extensive technical/GAP/SWOT advice to stakeholders.
  2. I worked closely with Professor Andrew Hopkins (University of Dundee) and Dr. Quentin Bickle (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) to evaluate the best high content screening system to suit their specific needs (Parasitic worm screening using brightfield imaging and motility analysis). Provided input into the hardware required and imaging processing software development. The successful screening programme was recently published.
  3. Assessed the technical suitability of a high-content screening system from a particular vendor which was then purchased by the client.
  4. Advised the facility manager during the establishment of High Content Screening at the University of Glasgow and during its initial phase of usage.
  5. Contracted to evaluate an updated DeltaVision Microscope system in Seattle, WA. Advised extensively in the development of FRAP/FRET hardware capabilities and software analysis. Wrote two technical bulletins.
  6. Advised Scottish Stem Cell Network on industrial uses of Stem Cells, cell therapy and long term strategy

Academic-Industrial Collaborations

  1. Stem Cells-to-beta Cells (Novo Nordisk, University of Lund, Hagedorn Insitute, Cellartis Sweden & Dundee).
  2. ITI Life Sciences’ Stem Cell Technology Programme (University of Dundee, Cellartis Sweden and Dundee, University of Glasgow, Heriot Watt University).
  3. Development of Imaging Capabilities: University of Dundee and Applied Precision LLC.

Workshops, Webinars and Presentations

  1. Co-Prepared and co-delivered a full day workshop on “Industrialisation of pluripotent stem cells for drug discovery and regenerative medicine” in association with VisionGain Cell based Assays Conference, London. Participants were from academia and industry (biotech and big pharma).
  2. Organised and co-presented (with Robert Passier, Leiden University) a full day workshop entitled “Using Stem Cells in Drug Discovery”  at the Informa Cell Based Assays Conference, Cologne, Germany. Participants were from both academia and industry.
  3. Wrote and delivered an international webinar entitled “Stem Cells in Drug Discovery and Predictive Toxicology” for Cambridge Healthtech Institute. Dec  2010.
  4. I have also presented research data at numerous international conferences and participated in several round table discussion.

Manuscript Writing and Editing

  1. Written several sole author reviews that have been well cited and led the writing of numerous other co-authored reviews.
  2. Written numerous first author papers and been corresponding author on several in high impact factor journals.
  3. Contributed to the writing and editing of many other manuscripts
  4. Advised colleagues on manuscript content.
  5. Reviewed manuscripts for range of journals – from Science and Nature Cell Biology to Journal of Cell Science and Stem Cells.