24 Aug

Brand new Brand for NPSC

I’ve been working with Den Barrault, the Executive Director of SULSA and a design company in Edinburgh, called Moriarti Design, to help create a brand, marketing material and websign for NPSC. This has been a really interesting process and after much deliberation we now have the final design on our signage.

NPSC logo





The idea was to allude to the identification of specific objects (which could be cells or groups of cells even) in a sample (e.g. in the well bottom of a plate) as indicated by the circles but also the colours. The size of the circles are also different to indicate the magnitude of a signal (or could be a literal reflection of cell size).Some people even see it as a sphere, which is interesting as hopefully we will be doing quite a few 3D phenotypic assays.

The feedback has all been really positive!